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Lus Ybarra

Mediation Trainer & Gang Expert

Lus was raised in an environment that embraced violence and aggression in resolving conflict.  By 16, Lus was holding a leadership position in the notorious and infamous gang the Latin Kings. By seventeen, Lus was carrying guns to resolve his conflicts.  Upon hearing that his pregnant girlfriend was beat up –once again- by her stepfather, Lus took the matter in his own hands by confronting the stepfather.  The confrontation resulted in Lus shooting and killing him. Lus was charged and convicted of murder, then sent to Michigan’s most notorious prisons where he continued to gang bang and commit acts of violence earning him three more violent felonies within prison.

Lus served a total of 21 years behind bars, and it was his last five years that involved a process of transformation where Lus became the exact opposite of what he was: from a menace to the society to an asset and pillar of the community. Lus was trained and certified in mediation and, before paroling from Jackson Cooper Street Correctional Facility, Lus was educating and mentoring 17-25 year old men in anger management, conflict resolution, and mediation training.