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Cameron Colts

Co-founder & Deputy Director

Camron (AKA “Cam”) grew up in a fatherless home with seven other siblings.  Lacking resources from the onset, Cam soon became like the men around him: drug dealer, gang member and armed robber.  At the age of 18, Cam was charged, and convicted, with armed robbery and felony firearm.  He served 6 years under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Corrections and has successfully completed parole while engaging full-time as a college student in pursuit of a Business Degree.  Cam workd as a Project Manager at 6 Pillars Painting and Demolition under Rick’s mentorship and training.  In addition, Cam has helped co-found LUCK, Inc. through his dedication to a passion for the disconnected youth and a skill to connect with them.  He served as a mentor in Carver STEM Academy and assists Returning Citizens in their reintegration back into the community through a relentless dedication to serving their tangible and intangible needs.  Cam is a certified Mediator with several years of experience in training and mentoring the most at-risk prison populations.  Cam… is a transformed man.