We should all care because it is in our best interest to:

  1. Influence the kind of people coming home from prison into our communities.
  2. Disrupt the school to prison pipeline that results in victims upon victims.
  3. Safeguard our resources in the safeguarding of our communities.  By educating the at-risk populations before they harm the community and/or end up in prison, thereby draining the economies resources.

LUCK INC is aimed at safeguarding the community through the educating and mentorship of our communities most disconnected and at-risk populations.  Ultimately, our safety and security rests upon the decision making of those around us.  By engaging, educating, and mentoring the most at-risk populations and equipping them with the tools of anger management, conflict resolution, and servant leadership training, LUCK INC is making the community safer for us all.  

LUCK is entering the prisons to train and mentor men coming home to our communities.  Men who lack basic needs, thus, are faced with real challenges to reach self-actualization.  Helping these populations with their basic needs assists in LUCK’s mission in transforming their anti-social mindset towards that of pro-social, community-based values.

Through our structured learning as mediators and peacemakers, coupled with our experiential learning of falling short and wrong choices, LUCK is uniquely positioned to connect with an otherwise disconnected population.  A population that has experienced trauma and pain (most times from primary caregivers) and are disenfranchised through both inherited dysfunction and poor choices.