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Our Team



Co-founder & Co-director

Mario was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan.  Mario witnessed a lot of violence at a young age that was entrenched in drug abuse and drug trafficking. Mario began selling drugs at 13 and by 15 he was robbing drug dealers. Sadly, at the age of 16, Mario took the life of a local, 26 year-old drug dealer, during a drug deal/armed robbery gone bad. Mario was charged and convicted of murder and served 19 consecutive years.  Mario served almost 3 years in solitary confinement before the age of 22.

On January 22, 2014, Mario was released from Jackson Cooper Street Prison.  He was denied at two universities before being accepted at Wayne State’s School of Business where May 5th 2016, just two and half years after his release, Mario graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting.  In addition, Mario is a published scholar with a thesis titled Incarceration of Adolescents in Adult Prisons: 
Adults’ recollections of their experiences and its impact on adult adjustment.


Rick Speck

Co-founder & Co-director

Rick grew up on the East Side of Detroit in an environment that embraced violence and aggression to resolve conflict and illegal means of moneymaking schemes–from drug dealing to numbers (gambling)- as being a normal part of life. Rick served a total of 18 years of imprisonment (15 consecutive) for the armed robbery of high-level drug offender while impersonating a federal agent.  While in prison, Rick was responsible for the leading the vision and the creation of a group of men that fundamentally transformed the culture of honor within the prison environment that stresses aggression and violence in the resolution of conflict to that of embracing skills and tools that lead to peace and a win-win resolution.  Rick mentored and trained hundreds of men, while putting in place talented men to carry out the duties of an organization that talked the talk in the classroom where we trained the most at risk populations, to walking the walk on the prison yard.


Camron Colts

Co-founder & Deputy Director

Camron (AKA “Cam”) grew up in a fatherless home with seven other siblings.  Lacking resources from the onset, Cam soon became like the men around him: drug dealer, gang member and armed robber.  At the age of 18, Cam was charged, and convicted, with armed robbery and felony firearm.  He served 6 years under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Corrections and has successfully completed parole while engaging full-time as a college student in pursuit of a Business Degree.  Cam workd as a Project Manager at 6 Pillars Painting and Demolition under Rick’s mentorship and training.  In addition, Cam has helped co-found LUCK, Inc. through his dedication to a passion for the disconnected youth and a skill to connect with them.


Lus Ybarra

Mediation Trainer & Gang Expert

Lus was raised in an environment that embraced violence and aggression in resolving conflict.  By 16, Lus was holding a leadership position in the notorious and infamous gang the Latin Kings. By seventeen, Lus was carrying guns to resolve his conflicts.  Upon hearing that his pregnant girlfriend was beat up –once again- by her stepfather, Lus took the matter in his own hands by confronting the stepfather.  The confrontation resulted in Lus shooting and killing him. Lus was charged and convicted of murder, then sent to Michigan’s most notorious prisons where he continued to gang bang and commit acts of violence earning him three more violent felonies within prison.

Lus served a total of 21 years behind bars, and it was his last five years that involved a process of transformation where Lus became the exact opposite of what he was: from a menace to the society to an asset and pillar of the community. Lus was trained and certified in mediation and, before paroling from Jackson Cooper Street Correctional Facility, Lus was educating and mentoring 17-25 year old men in anger management, conflict resolution, and mediation training.

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