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1. Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline

LUCK, Inc. services at-risk youth populations (5th – 12th graders) through training and mentorship that focuses on fundamental interpersonal skills that rest upon critical thinking & effective communication as the building blocks towards the development of a servant leader equipped with restorative practices & mediation skills.  In addition, LUCK conducts parent workshops and training with the understanding that such training will directly the influence of the behavior and success of the student participant.

2. Returning Citizens

LUCK, Inc. has turned it’s pain into it’s purpose by successfully reintegrating back into society and, then, reaching back towards those also returning and showing them “the way” through mentorship and training in essential social and interpersonal skills for both personal and professional success.

3. Community Engagement

LUCK, Inc. understands the essential need for healing amongst those harmed by the imprisoned and at-risk youth.  LUCK is trained in empathy awareness & restorative practice skills, which bridges the gap between victim and perpetrator with an aim towards closure and healing.  LUCK is working with the victim’s of murdered children in the mission to bring healing to both sides of tragedy and trauma.




Mario Bueno seen here with Richard Thomas, a LUCK One-Stop Client, giving the client a ride and mentoring along the way to gain his license after 28 years of imprisonment.  One of the most significant barriers for the Returning Citizen that lacks the efficient resources is a license and/or identification.

Rick Speck and Mario Bueno, Co-Directors welcoming LUCK new hiree, Larry Gjeldum, as a LUCK Mentor and Trainer.  LUCK is seen here providing transporation their Detroit clients.  The transportation  -not required nor paid per contract- enables for LUCK to engage the client and develop an organic mentoring relationship.  Only then will the client lower the walls of protection that have sustained them thus far.  In LUCK’s experience, every client is experiencing some for of post traumatic stress disorder.

Rick Speck LUCK Co-founder & Co-director, seen here mentoring a LUCK One-stop Client after Client’s release after having served 27 years in prison.

Rick Speck and Mario Bueno, and Mario Bueno, LUCK Co-Directors, seen here with Anna Kohn of Recovery park who hired George Wilburn, a LUCK One-stop client, to work for Recovery Park.  Recovery Parks embraces Detroit’s Returning Citizen and is part of a team that is planting a culture of peace, productivity, and second chances.